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Cozy and Colorful Carpet Brightens a Room

Carpet flooring is comfy and cozy underfoot, and it brightens a room with its color too. It is most popular for bedrooms and living rooms. New technology makes specialty brands practical for homes that include pets. Some carpeting is appropriate for a basement, but it should not be put in a kitchen or bathroom. Styles and colors for each type of carpet fiber are numerous. Music City Building Supply has a large selection of carpeting and a variety of other floor coverings at our showroom in Shelbyville, Tennessee. We are flooring pros that can help you find the best brand for your home. We serve Nashville, Murfreesboro, Huntsville, Chattanooga, and nearby communities.

Favorite Fibers and More

Nylon has been the go-to fiber for decades. It’s tough and durable, and it usually looks like new years after installation. Nylon carpet is resilient, or able to bounce back after compression. It's often used in living rooms since it handles heavy furniture so well. Also, nylon fibers are often treated to make them stain resistant. The day might come when Triexta overtakes nylon as the most common carpet fiber. This newer fiber is also durable and abrasion-resistant, and it is inherently stain resistant. Wool is the top of the line fiber. Dirt does not become embedded in wool because of its makeup. Consider putting this fire-resistant, natural, and soft flooring in the master bedroom.

These synthetic fibers are also available:
  • Polyester - Available in vibrant colors; inherently stain-resistant
  • Olefin - Moisture and mildew resistant; great for basements
  • Acrylic - Imitates the look and feel of wool at a lower cost

Twist, Cut, and Pile

Twist is the number of times a fiber strand is twisted per inch. Look for carpet labeled '6 TPI' to ensure that it is durable. Fibers generally have 3.5 to 6.0 turns per inch, meaning that the higher the number denotes fibers that are the least likely to unravel after years of use. Only cut pile, which is created by cutting the tips of loop pile, has a TPI number. Carpet pile is measured by the density of the fibers along with the length of those fibers. If durability is of prime importance to you, choose carpeting that has a dense pile and a short pile height. Low-pile carpet is under ¼-inch while the high-pile carpet is ¾-inch or more. Pet owners may be interested in Mohawk's SmartStrand Forever Clean\carpet, which includes an All Pet Protection Warranty.